Track Spotlight

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  • LED Track Spotlight 7W Utility – OPPLE (LEDSPOTTR-U)

    From: $12.40 $10.90

    A clean and simple LED Track Spotlight for home or office space. Spotlight fitting color: White or Black. Lamp source:…

  • 2-wire LED Track – OPPLE (LG210)

    $11.80 $8.70

    2-wire track system for Opple Utility 7W spotlight. Available length: 1 meter or 2 meter with end cap and feed…

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  • 2-wire LED Track Straight Connector – OPPLE (LGLIQ-I)

    $4.80 $3.30

    Opple 2-wire track straight connector to extend Opple 7W utility track.

  • 2-wire LED Track L-corner Connector – OPPLE (LGLIQ-L)

    $4.80 $3.30

    Opple 2-wire track L connector as a corner joint for Opple 7W utility track.