LED Ceiling Light – URBANA (GM8828)


Modern and simple LED round ceiling light for bedroom, living room, kitchen or dining room.

3-in-1 Color tunable LED ceiling light that allows you to switch from daylight (6000K) to warm white (3000K) to a cool white (4000K) by a simple on/off wall switch.

Ceiling light diameter is 500mm.

Power wattage: 51w.


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• Power wattage (W): 51W, 130Vdc, 240mA
• Light source: LED
• Product dimensions (mm): Ø500
• LED Color Temperature (CCK): Change from Daylight 6000K to Warm white 3000K to Cool white 4000K by on/off wall switch
• Color: Silver round trim
• Mounting method: surface mounted
• Dimmable (Yes/No): 3-step dimming by on/off at wall switch

• 3 LED color temperature in 1 single light by on/off wall switch
• Silver round trim

Only for indoor use.
Only for ceiling installation.
Electrical installation work may only be carried out by HDB licensed electrician.

Click here to download the Installation Guide

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 8 cm

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